Real Time Code Plug

I am happy to announce that the development of a code for generating custom code plugs is now available from my website, for free!

Land on and click on the "Global DMR Networks in real time" page: it collects DMR repeater data from BrandMeister and many other DMR networks; this page is updated on a daily basis. Filter by Country and/or Band (both are multiselect dropdown lists), fetch DMR repeater data and finally select a config file among >220 radio models. Owners of AnyTone DMR radio model may also create their own custom code plugs!

For further information and assistance: or

*** HOW IT WORKS ***

After querying the database, choose an AnyTone radio model among D578UV/D568UV/D878UV. A modal pops up that allows you to:

a) download data WITHOUT generating a custom code plug: just click on the "No, thanks" button and you will only download repeater data in one single memory file;

b) download data TO generate a custom code plug: in this case, provide the following additional parameters:

1) DMR ID and Callsign (mandatory fields);

2) Hot Spot Simplex Frequency;

3) Hot Spot Duplex Frequency;

4) Talk Groups (in addition: manually add missing TGs from the default list);

5) Time Slots;

6) Repeaters (all from the query or just the selected ones)

According to the number of the above parameters set, you may download up to five csv files as follows:

- Channels.csv

- Zones.csv

- Radio ID List.csv

- Talk Groups.csv

- Receive Group Call List.csv

Import all these files in your programming software, write data to the radio and that's it!

There are supporting resources to help you to accomplish this task:

- a Readme file for each downloaded config file;

- YouTube video tutorials


a) All AnyTone programming softwares DO NOT ACCEPT:

1) >4000 memory channels when importing a memory file;

2) >250 channels per Zone;

3) >250 Zones

b) If the result of the following formula [(No. TG x No. DMR repeaters) + No. Analog Repeaters] is >4000, a warning will prevent you to download the code plug; you should re-query against the database, or deselect some TGs or select a limited number of repeaters, accordingly.

Have fun!

73, Andrea IZ8WNH

Thank you Larry, WH6DYI for the topic of interest.

73, Blake Stene, KH7MS